Despite being effective, detailed self-monitoring of diet and physical activity behaviors is difficult to sustain. Adherence to self-monitoring protocols declines dramatically over time. Furthermore, the labor intensive nature of self-monitoring leads to feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated.



Today with smartphone apps and wearable trackers being more popular than ever, there are many ways to utilize them to improve and maintain health!


One of the most effective strategies within most weight loss strategies is self-monitoring of diet, physical activity, and weight. Self-monitoring provides personal accountability and allows for greater awareness of how behaviors are impacting weight.


Findings from a study looking at daily self tracking and using smart technology suggest that successful weight loss maintainers frequently use digital health technology for self‐monitoring Smartphone apps and online trackers may be useful self‐monitoring and self‐guided intervention tools for individuals wishing to maintain significant weight loss provided these individuals can make the best use of the data they gather. Over 6 months participants who utilized smart scales and other digital trackers saw on average a 6.5% weight loss.


Self-monitoring behavior can lead to eventual behavior changes, and many digital trackers and surveys can help with this. Wearable trackers have advanced in this area and make the monitoring even easier because it takes the pressure off of the user to record. In addition, the authors wrote that published data suggest decreasing the burden on the user can lead to better adherence. With consistently reporting your tracking data, this can motivate you to change you behavior in various ways.

And PHR Plus takes the ease of app data tracking one step further. The PHR Plus platform syncs over 400 different health tech applications and displays making is easier for the user to monitor everything from steps and blood pressure to sleep and food logs. 

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