Chronic disease—often complicated by unhealthy lifestyle choices— is the leading cause of death and accounts for more than 75 percent of health care spending in the U.S.


There is widespread agreement that unhealthy behavior is costly to employers, publicly funded health care programs, and families.

What can be done to change peoples health behaviors?

One method that has been discussed is for invested parties to incentivize their consumers to create help create those healthy changes. While long term results have yet to be determined, targeted incentives for specific risk groups have shown success. With creative design, targeted use and evaluation, financial incentives for weight loss and healthy behavior may be a useful addition to the health policy toolkit.

 Ways that incentives can be used in smart ways.

It may be advantageous to offer incentives for weight loss or maintenance of healthy body weight to high-risk groups in contact with the healthcare system. For example, excessive weight gain during pregnancy is unhealthy for the mother and the baby, so financial incentives could be offered to women to meet recommended weight-gain guidelines during pregnancy. This approach has the benefit of being a time-limited, preventive incentive that may provide long-term health advantages for children born to mothers of healthier weight. Incentives could also be targeted to individuals of higher BMI who are at a stage where lifestyle changes and reduction of body weight could help control conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure before patients become reliant on pharmaceutical management.


PHR Plus partners have seen successes in their own incentive-based health improvement programs. OnePath Life Insurance has partnered with PHR Plus in a rewards-based steps challenge. The OnePath Steps Challenge: –

  • July 2017 to September 2017
  • Thousands of participants
  • Two reward options a $10 or $40 (Aus) WISH e-gift card


 It was also interesting to learn that increasing the reward by 4x increased daily activity by 33%!

With the PHR Plus challenge platform customers compete in steps challenges and fitness challenges for your prizes or rewards. Challenges can be individual or group based competitions. These challenges have shown successes in improving customer health.

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