It’s an exciting time for technology and innovation in the healthcare industry and there is a growing demand for healthcare data from many sectors with tracking health information being the next step.



Healthcare decisions are based on vast amounts of data, making quick access to data crucial for making the right decisions at the right time. So, extracting meaningful data is essential, which makes data aggregation important. 

Key drivers for this demand have been surging interest in healthcare performance measurement and the information systems needed to aggregate, process and transmit healthcare data from which measures of healthcare quality may be developed.

Benefits of Data Aggregation

  • Identification of prevalent health problems and the ability to customize
  • Data for bench marking to assist in conducting comparative analyses
  • Enhanced monitoring of healthcare trends 
  • Ability to pinpoint trends through predictive modeling
  • Strengthen the movement to greater healthcare detail

Rather than living in separate databases, information about blood pressure, sleep, fitness, nutrition and lab results will be funneled into one location, providing a single health dashboard from which users, and hopefully clinicians, can make better decisions. By providing data aggregation, data warehousing, performance management and analytics, healthcare executives can arrive at deeper insight. They can devise more effective strategies to increase quality and control costs.


PHR Plus interfaces with the existing health record systems, patient portals, and patient-generated health data to provide access to the most complete health information for each patient.

PHR Plus integrates personal health information across sources to provide patients with the most accurate and complete medical information.

PHR Plus tackles this opportunity by providing all members of a patient’s care team with the same life-saving information and is designed to be available anytime, anywhere.

PHR Plus clouds screenshots


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