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You know that dragging feeling.  Your shoulders start to sag and your eyelids are heavier than paperweights.  That dreaded afternoon slump.  Caregiver burnout is a real thing.  And if you’ve experienced it, you know how challenging it can be to deal with the needs of the person you’re caring for—not to mention your own.  Your first instinct is to drink endless cups of coffee, but the caffeine won’t keep you going all day.  The reason for your fatigue and how to fix it could be as simple as what you are, or aren’t, eating.  

There are lots of foods that give you energy.  In fact, what you eat helps determine the amount of energy you have for the rest of the day.  It’s always easy to reach for junk food during your busy days but they offer little to no nutrition and can actually be energy zappers.  Junk foods are full of sugar and other processed products that our bodies have difficulty breaking down and converting into energy. Your low energy could be a direct result of not eating what your body needs to run properly.  

Recharge your body’s batteries with these 5 powerhouse foods that give you energy.

bananas.jpgBananas. Go bananas when you’re running low on energy. This potassium-packed fruit includes some amazingly-good-for-you vitamins like vitamin B6 and fiber.  


Lentils.  One of the best foods that give you energylentils.jpg are lentils.  They are high in fiber content to help stabilize blood sugar levels to keep you energized all day long.


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almonds.jpgFruit & Almonds.  Want a quick pick-me-up that’s also portable?  Grab some fruit and a handful of almonds.  They’re healthy, portable and give you a quick boost of energy.


honey.jpgHoney.  Just a spoonful of honey helps your energy go…up!  A spoonful of honey is nature’s energy drink.  Add a small drizzle to anything from your morning yogurt to afternoon tea.  

tuna.jpgTuna.  Eating some tuna fish can really perk you up.  Tuna is loaded with vitamin B and protein which can provide an excellent source of energy.  


If you need an energy kick—stat!—reach for one of these foods that give you energy to conquer the caregiving world!

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