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The Disconnect in Healthcare

For the most part, we’re all disconnected from healthcare.  It’s difficult to easily consolidate medical information, share it when necessary and get value out of your data.  Medical providers don’t always have access to accurate health information at the point of care which can lead to poor quality of care and can also lead to medical errors.  

How PHR Connects the Dots for Your Health

PHR Plus to the rescue!  We’re here to reduce medical errors and to save lives.  How, you ask?  We do this by empowering you with ALL of your health and medical information using our accurate, portable and shareable personal health record . PHR Plus has developed our software so patients can connect all of their health and medical information in one secure platform. Anyone using PHR Plus can connect to their care team and share their accurate personal health record. This solution saves lives, reduces medical errors, and empowers patients with accurate, portable, shareable medical information.

The PHR Plus Benefits

Care Coordination

Using PHR Plus you can invite medical providers and loved ones access to your profile. You can assign a family member, loved one, or caretaker to be the administrator of your profile- to manage your account or to collaborate. Everyone on your care team will have accurate information and be on the same page - now that’s coordinated care.

Disease Management

When you’re struggling with chronic medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or CHF it can be very challenging. You have to take frequent readings, multiple medications, and you may be seeing several specialists. With PHR Plus you can manage your data from blood pressure monitors, glucometers, SpO2 sensors, and body weight scales. You can keep accurate medication lists, and you can easily manage all of this information from one place.

Healthy Living

You’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and we’ve developed PHR Plus to encourage that. Using our Premium Software you can sync activity trackers, body weight scales, at home medical devices, and other fitness apps. You can purchase these devices from the PHR Health Device Marketplace, and you’ll even get nutrition recommendations. Be the healthiest you with PHR Plus.

Custom Insights

You’re a unique person, and your health and wellness is unique too. With PHR Plus you’ll get unique tips, recommendations and health insights that are catered just for you. These custom insights are tailored based on your specific health conditions and your wellness goals.

Engage in your personal health and see results with PHR Plus.  All of your health and medical information is in one secure location with PHR Plus, including:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Medical conditions
  • Immunizations
  • Surgeries
  • Medical documents

Life can be stressful.  Let us take some stress off your plate.  Create Your Free PHR Plus Account Today!

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