Navigating the grocery store can be a tricky situation. No, we aren’t talking about being shoulder to shoulder and cart to cart in the aisles or the girl checking you out so slowly could swear time stood still. We’re talking about making smart, healthy choices while cruising each cluttered aisle and department.  

Good nutrition starts with making smart choices in the grocery store. It may sound like a daunting task, but we have 4 tips to make healthy grocery shopping a cinch.

4 Smart & Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Make A List

Have a plan of attack written out before you set foot in the store. It will help you select the healthy foods your body needs, resist temptation and speed up your shopping since you won’t be wasting time cruising each aisle looking for the things you need. Try this healthy grocery list from Shape to get you started!

Pick More Produce

Those brightly hued fresh fruits and veggies are beckoning to you and it’s totally fine to answer their call! Aside from being delicious, eating a diet rich in produce can lower your risk of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Here are some tips from Everyday Health to help maximize the health benefits of eating fresh produce.

Go Cheap

Don’t forget to hit up the cheapest aisle in the store. Some of the least expensive foods have the biggest health benefits. Grab some dried beans, grains, seeds and nuts.  

Read the Ingredients

Never skip this step when you’re grocery shopping the smart way. There isn’t anything more important than the ingredients of what you’re putting into your body. The nutrition facts and ingredients can be your one-stop shop to finding all the nutrients you need and can make the process of finding the right products much easier.  

Don’t get stuck on auto pilot the next time you push your cart through the grocery store. Use these tips to make smarter and healthier choices!

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