caregiver fatigue.jpgStress and caregiver fatigue can creep up on you and zap any energy you had. Caregiver fatigue can hinder your performance and make you want to take a dive back into your bed instead of working. It’s important to find ways to overcome exhaustion and reclaim your energy so you can feel and perform your best.

Treat yourself to a mini energizing boost to combat caregiver fatigue with these 4 tips.

Humor Yourself

Laughing is one of the best pick-me-ups out there—and a little goes a long way.  Laughing can ease anxiety and tension, relieve stress, improve your mood and add joy and zest to life.  Call or meet up with a friend who makes you laugh.  Watch your favorite comedy or go see a standup comic.  Laughter really is the best medicine and will release those feel-good endorphins to help perk you up.  

Drink Water

You may feel tired because you’re not drinking enough water.  Dehydration reduces the blood volume which creates fatigue.  Make it a habit to drink a glass of water whenever you feel tired and even stay ahead of the game by drinking water from the moment you wake up in the morning.  

Recharge your batteries with these 5 foods that give you an energy boost!

Treat Yo’ Self

Finding ways to pamper yourself can go a long way in boosting your spirits and reinvigorating you. Take a bubble bath and light some candles.  Get a manicure.  Stop by the store on your way home to buy fresh flowers.  Do whatever makes you feel special.  

Jump for Joy

Taking a leap can have a positive effect on our minds and jolt our energy.  Jumping can get our heart rate up quickly and pump oxygen throughout our bodies while stirring up childhood enthusiasm.  All of these things can trigger those feel-good endorphins which make for a better state of mind and boosted energy.  Dance around, do some jumps or try some jumping jacks to get more bounce in your step!

Think of these 4 tips as a fire extinguisher for caregiver fatigue. These fatigue-fighting tips will help you keep your battery charged all day long.  

As a caregiver, you’re already stressed.  Let us take some stress off your plate.  Sync all your important health data in one place and use PHR Plus to get healthy—stress-free!

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